Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing review

Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing review

Are you looking for a swing rocker combo that is safe and secure, easy to use and effective in soothing the baby at a fair price?

We were making a list of the best baby swings and came across “Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing”, which has a lot of good ratings and reviews on many online stores.
We were curious and decided to test and evaluate this swing.

Let’s find out if this swing is worth the hype it has.

In this Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing review, we’ll check this swing on four key factors: Safety, Soothing, Ease of Use, and Pricing.
We’ll also tell you what can be improved in this swing and if it is worth your money.
Let’s get started!

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Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing review

Ingenuity 2-in-1 Swing
Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing review

Ingenuity 2-in-1 Simple Comfort Compact Baby Swing & Rocker

Item Weight: 22 Pounds
Weight Limit: 20 Pounds
Dimensions: 29″D x 27″W x 35″H


  • Swing can sway in 3 directions because seat moves 180 degrees
  • Swing’s seat becomes a rocker after detaching from frame
  • Vibrations feature in both rocker and swing
  • Detachable Toybar that moves 360 degree
  • 16 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • 6 different speed levels
  • 2 recline positions
  • Automatic shut-off timer





Ingenuity's simple comfort cradling swing does a pretty good job of keeping your baby safe and secure.

The swing has a sturdy frame with a large footprint that ensures stability and prevents unexpected tipping or falling.
The swing has a 5-point harness to keep the baby securely strapped in the seat and ensure the baby doesn't fall out of the swing.

The swing has 2 different recline positions for comfort.
The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that babies under 4 months should lie in a more reclined position to avoid slumping over.
However, an infant learning to sit up may prefer a more upright position.

Another great thing is that this is a 2-in-1 swing, which becomes a portable rocker.
The weight limit for both swing and rocker is 20 Pounds, which is quite convincing.

The seat has a headrest that provides extra comfort and support to the baby’s growing neck and head muscles, reducing the chances of discomfort in the swing.





The Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing and rocker is very good at calming babies.

This swing seat becomes a portable rocker that you can easily move around and use in any room of your house.
The swing seat can turn 180 degrees, which allows the swing to move in 3 ways.
Your baby can sway both side to side and back and forth depending on which motion he prefers more.

This ingenuity swing has 6 different swinging speeds.
You can adjust speed according to your baby's preference, as newborns like gentle swinging while bigger babies like to move fast.

This swing rocker combo provides vibrations in both modes.
Vibrations can help babies feel sleepy and make you feel relieved if it's tough to get your baby to sleep.

But don’t let your baby sleep in the swing.
As the baby sleeps, move it to any firm sleeping surface.

A detachable toy bar is available in swing and rocker mode to capture the baby’s attention and keep him engaged in the swing.
It also offers 16 melodies and 3 nature sounds to keep the baby happily distracted in the swing while you are busy in the kitchen. 

Ease of Use




The Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing is designed as an easy-to-use swing for parents.
The rocker seat is easily detachable by just pressing two buttons on the side of the swing, and you can easily carry the rocker seat after detaching.

The swing has wheels and a handle to move the swing effortlessly around the house without the headache of lifting it.

Assembly this swing can be a little bit tricky for some parents, but the good thing is I found a swing assembling video that I’ll put later in this post.
That video will make your work easy.  

The swing works with a USB cord, but the vibration unit requires one C battery separately.
This swing rocker combo has an automatic shut-off time of 30, 45 and 60 minutes to save you money on extra electricity consumption.

Another good feature is if you forget to set a shut-off timer, this swing will automatically turn off after 2 hours.
The vibration unit will also turn off automatically after 30 minutes, both in the swing and rocker mode, to avoid extra battery consumption.

The seat fabric is also machine washable to make your cleaning job easier for you.


Disclaimer: The prices of products often change, so we are reviewing the current price of this swing.

If we compare this swing with other models that offer the same features, the swing pricing is way more reasonable than those models.
This is a 2-in-1 swing, so you are getting a swing and rocker at this reasonable price, which is hard to find.

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What can be improved?

The swing only works with a USB cord, so you have to always set up your swing near a power outlet in your house.    
It would be better if the swing also worked with batteries, as parents can use their preferred power source.

The swing has a large footprint/base. We don’t consider it a drawback because it makes swing more saver, but it can bother some parents.

Before buying this swing, check its assembled dimensions and ensure it can pass through your room’s doorways.
Otherwise, you have to disassemble it and move it to another room.


  • Swing can sway in 3 directions
  • Seat becomes a portable rocker
  • Wheels and Handle to move the swing
  • Shut-off timer to avoid extra electricity consumption
  • Swing and Rocker both provide vibrations


  • Can't operate with Batteries

Should you buy Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing?

Ingenuity simple comfort cradling swing has many features that make it safe, effective in soothing and easy to use for parents.
And the best part is you are getting 2 baby products in one purchase.

You can turn the swing seat into a portable rocker with just a push of a button and rotate the seat to change the direction of your baby’s sway.
You can also control the speed, timer, music, and vibration settings with a touch-sensitive screen.

All these features make it an excellent option and we think it’ll be a great value for money for parents.

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